Protecting our coastlines with Mate Maker for the month of June

Protecting our coastlines with Mate Maker for the month of June

Did you know that over 85% of the Australian population live in coastal regions of Australia? This staggering statistic highlights the importance of protecting our coastlines and oceans from the ever-growing impacts of climate change to ensure that the next generation have a home.

Climate change affects the coastline in several ways including:

  • Rising sea levels through the melting of glacier ice caps and rising sea temperatures.
  • Extreme weather events such as cyclones and floods that result in destruction of local communities and pollution of our waves.
  • Coastal erosion that continues to reduce our beaches.
  • Impacting local ecosystems through increasing acidity and ocean temperatures.

We’re continually inspired by the actions of others to help fight climate change, however it’s through the actions of Surfrider foundation Australia and Surfers for Climate foundation that big impact can be made. It’s time to rally behind these organizations and support their mission.

To support the efforts of Surfrider Australia and Surfers for Climate, Mate Maker is pledging to donate $2 from each 4-pack of Hard Kombucha sold during the month of June towards these groups focused on reducing the impact of Climate change on our coastlines.

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